Sunday, November 23, 2008


Finally, the movie is out. The wait is over. So have you seen it yet? (I went today.) What did you think? Was it every bit as good as you wanted it to be? Which actor/actress did you think was best for the role? (OK apart from, duh, Robert Pattison.) Which was your favorite scene? Did you squeal/melt/want to faint? And did you catch the glimpse of Stephenie Meyer in her cameo appearance?

Actually I thought it was quite faithful to the book, although a few things do happen out of sequence. I liked the scene where they first meet, in the science lab, and Edward looked like he was about to gag. Oh, and on the baseball field. What about you?

And how soon do you want Catherine H. to start shooting New Moon?


GeOh said...

I agree with you. I went to see it Thursday Night at midnight, when the flick opened. Aside from the obvious event that were out of sequence, I thought they did a decemt job. My favorite scene was the final fight at the ballet school. I thought that
Bella could have been played by someone else, but everyone else was right on the money.

weasley@heart said...

Unfortunately I'm on the tail end of my Twilight high, so I went to see the film a week after it was released.

For favorite scenes, I’d have to say the baseball and Edward’s tour of the house. The music for the baseball scene was PERFECT and Rosalie’s “that’s my monkey man” when Emmett jumped from a tree was amazing. Oh, and how brilliant was Jessica’s commentary on the Cullens? “She's with Jasper, the one who looks like he's in pain.”

I agree, Robert Pattinson was a great Edward, but Kristen was okay as Bella--apart from the heavy breathing, and over the top clingy-ness of course. I know Twilight is a romance, but the “I dream about being with you forever” creeped me out!

The Cullen kids were spot on (I loved Alice’s hair), and Esme and Carlisle were good but a little old. Carlisle’s supposed to be 23, right? Well, Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) is 24! In any case, I think Charlie and Jacob were my favorites (which was surprising, seeing as I’m Team Edward). And although I’m still bitter about the HP6 delay, I’m so excited for New Moon.

DarlingDiva said...

The first time I watched the film I was a bit too critical and did not enjoy it....well, maybe a few scenes. The baseball scene was the best and yes the music in that scene, perfect.(but who does not love Muse?)

After having viewed the film a few more times, how many I will not tell, I have enjoyed it a bit more than my initial reaction. I do like their chemisty together, but I believe that you just do not feel that overpowering "Love" that those two characters share for one another. More could have been added to make me feel that and some could have been that field trip scene, what was that anyway....*shudder*

ok..i gotta stop before it gets really

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