Thursday, May 21, 2009

More New Moon news

Well, Robert Pattinson recently talked to Risky Biz Blog about his thoughts on New Moon and how he has committed to making Breaking Dawn.

When asked how the script for New Moon differs from the book, he said:

"It kind of plays relatively close to it. I would still describe it as being a sort of supporting role (to Bella's story). I think it would have been a bit cheesy if it had just stayed as a voiceover part as my character is a voice in her head in the second book. They've shot these hallucination bits of the film. You're playing a figment of Bella's imagination and I was trying to do it in a really 2-D kind of way. I hope it doesn't come out flat and boring (laughs)."

Interesting. He's filming Remember Me next and says "It's going to be helped by that [Twilight]. I just hope when people go and see it, they don't say, "Edward wouldn't do that." That's not going to be good!"

And, of course, there's the poster. Had to include it. Ran into it on a friend's facebook page of all places!

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