Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Amanda Project - Review

My colleague, Adriana, thoroughly enjoyed this book so I'm posting her review for all to see.

The Amanda Project by Stella Lennon

Callie is a member of the “I girls”, the popular, pretty, wealthy, snobby and like-named clones, who many wish they could be. But she breaks formation to socialize with Amanda, the kind of girl who believes in the power of totems; sits out late at night to watch the stars; leaves strange notes with thousands of dollars in them lying around to help a friend; and most surprisingly to Callie, leads what appears to be a double- or a triple- life.

When Amanda disappears after drawing a mural on the vice-principal’s car, Callie discovers that Amanda had two other “special guides”-- a cute artist named Hal, and a girl named Nia, a total “social nobody” (according to the “I girls”). The threesome set off to search for Amanda tracking clues she’s left in her wake and forging a strong friendship in the process.

The Amanda Project is the first in an interactive eight-book series that allows readers to post art or stories, or to give theories as to Amanda whereabouts and what she could be up to. The author may then choose to use these ideas for later books in the series. For girls who like adventure and mystery coupled with their romance, I suggest you make this book one of your own projects.

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