Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jeff Kinney and Dog Days

OK, so I know this was not really a teen event but I have to just mention that the wonderful Jeff Kinney was at Kepler's and the Menlo Park Library on Tuesday with his Dog Days tour. He arrived on a fantastic-looking bus and was relaxed and charming as he signed SO many books for the waiting hordes of kids, chatting to everyone individually, posing for photos with anyone who wanted one. They waited for hours, faces lighting up as they neared the front of the line, "look, that's him!" they shouted, "will he sign all my books, do you think?" (yes!), "will he answer my questions?" (yes!), and "what color will the next book be?" (didn't hear an answer to that one...) He's an inspiration to so many and we were very fortunate he stopped to sign books in Menlo Park on his tour. It was a first author visit for many of the people in line and they all left exhilarated.

Here's Jeff talking about Dog Days:

And here he talks about the whole Wimpy Kid series:

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Anonymous said...

I've heard that he literally signs thousands of books at every stop on this tour. Yes?