Monday, July 27, 2009

Prophecy of the Sisters

The much anticipated Prophecy of the Sisters releases this week! Stacy from the Youth Team here loved it. If you did too, join us at Menlo Park Library across the street from Kepler's on Thursday Sept 17 at 7PM when Michelle Zink will be hosting a Writing Workshop. VL

Prophecy of the Sisters
By Michelle Zinc

"Twin sisters, formed in the same swaying ocean, One the Guardian, One the Gate. One keeper of peace, The other bartering sorcery for devotion."

An ancient legend tells of the Nephilim, the earthbound angels who were refused passage into Heaven. They mated with mortal women in hopes that their offspring-a long line of twin sisters--would create passage for their Lost Souls into the world of the living. Newly-orphaned, Lia and her twin, Alice, must now take on this family burden which will pit them against each other. One sister, The Guardian, must attempt to guard the gate against the Souls passage into the human world. The other sister, The Key, must attempt to open the gate to release Samael-Beast of the Fallen Angel, whose return would be fatal for humans and allow in the Nephilim.

Problem #1-Lia just found out about the Prophecy and has no idea where to begin.
Problem #2-Alice has been acting very strange lately, talking to someone that Lia cannot see.
Problem #3-Which sister is the Guardian and which is the Key?

Will Lia and Alice fight together on the side of humanity or will they fight each other to fulfill their destiny and aid the destruction of mankind? Would the end of humanity mean the end of everything, or is it merely the beginning of a new world? Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between good and evil.

Romance. Gothic. Mystery. Thriller. Suspense. All in One.

Reviewed by Stacy


Ravenous Reader said...

I loved reading this book. It was slow moving but oh so very effective at creating a gothic suspense novel that I still sometimes get the chills.

Prophecy of the Sisters is a great start to a new series and the cover is gorgeous.

Michelle Zink is touring California in September and I hope she will be at Keplers

Bookgeek said...

Stacy - great review. You and Nancy have convinced me - I'll read it next!