Friday, April 24, 2009

Gil Lawson

I was lucky enough to be in the store when graphic novel author Gil Lawson dropped by to sign copies of his book Charlatan: Preludes.

Here's the product description of the book:
Would you sacrifice the only thing in the universe that means anything to you in order to save the universe? This is the difficult choice facing Augie Halford when his only child is chosen by an alien race to become The One Defender, the supreme protector of the universe. Evil forces have coalesced into a form that now threatens the future of all creation and, as it has happened since the dawn of time, a new champion has been selected to defend the innocent. But The One Defender has never before been a human and as the alien keepers of this ancient selection ritual are about to learn...humans often have a mind of their own.

Sounds great and, of course, I took the opportunity to ask him to do a video book talk about Charlatan: Preludes for us. And here it is:

Thanks Gil


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for allowing me to share a little bit about Charlatan: Preludes. We are really psyched to have our book included in Kepler's fantastic graphic novel selection.

-Gil Lawson

Bookgeek said...

Pleasure to meet you Gil and I can't wait to read your book. The book talk sold me!