Monday, April 27, 2009

Carter Finally Gets It - Review

Carter Finally Gets It
By Brent Crawford

This perfectly-titled, frantically funny book tells the tale of young Everydude, Carter, who’s just starting high school full of attitude, testosterone and social clumsiness. He wants fit in, to be known. He wants to meet girls. He joins the football team, demos his best diving stunts, joins the conversation. Invariably he starts out well, but he like, you know, loses focus, deviates, not through lack of talent, but, um like, because of his like wondering, empathic, inquiring mind which darts from this to that, him to her. Call him distractible; call him ADD; Call him A-D-O-L-E-C-E-N-T B-O-Y. But by whatever name, he misses the field goal, loses the girl, falls flat, gets slapped.

The day does dawn, however, when opportunity calls and Carter’s kind, optimistic heart responds. It shoves him in quintessentially impulsive Carter style into the audition of/for his life. Spoiler alert!-- He gets the role; He gets the girl; and finally, he “gets” himself.

Get this book. You know this guy. ‘Gotta love him.
Reviewed by Vivian


Jen said...

Wow, sounds really funny! Im kinda picturing it as John Green-esque. Is that accurate?

Also I notice you're waiting for Bloodhound ^_^ Its really great, I hope you like it!

Vivian said...
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Vivian said...

It is kind of like a John Green book because the teen situations ring true, but John's characters are more sophisticated sheen than Carter does. Carter tries so hard, but he is just not "with it" at all. He is not as articulate as John's guys can be about what is happening to them or what they are thinking. I felt for him even whilst I was shaking my head and smiling.