Friday, January 16, 2009

Ann Brashares on her new book, 3 Willows

Here's Ann Brashares talking about her new book, 3 Willows.

And here's the book trailer for it:

Yet another one for my ever growing TBR pile.


Thao said...

The trailer is awesome. It's so touching and promises a very meaningful and beautiful book. I esp love the voices of the characters.

Darling Diva said...

It is a great trailer. I enjoyed her other books and think that this one will be amazing as well.

Bookgeek said...

I'm really enjoying these book trailers. Many give you an insight that back cover copy just can't. And so far, the images and feel seem just right.

Darling Diva said...

I agree with you. I adore book trailers and I believe it is another opportunity for people to know about a book they may have thought about reading before. It can be a powerful tool.