Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Mockingjay Party in the San Francisco Book Review

Did you see the article about our Mockingjay party in the San Francisco Book Review. I'm quoted
Angela Mann, Kepler’s youth events coordinator said “I’ll admit it! I’m a bit obsessed with The Hunger Games. It’s the book I put into everyone’s hands, the book I think everyone should read, the standard I hold other teen books up against. The wait to read Mockingjay was torturous. Suzanne Collins has written THE perfect ending to a series, one that kept me up all night, gripping the edge of my chair, at times unable to breathe. Mockingjay is an all-action, politically-charged, bloody, heartbreaking rollercoaster of a book that I shall read again and again (when my heart has calmed a little).”

So was Heidi Kling, who was at the event (see photo)
Heidi R. Kling, author of Sea said “I’m halfway through Mockingjay and it is blowing my mind–heart wrenching and brilliant. The pizza party combined with the NERF™ archery mage for a perfect celebration!”

As you know, when you read The Hunger Games you become obsessed. And if you are anything like as obsessed as those of us at Keplers in Menlo Park, then you will have been counting down the days until you could lay your hands on Mockingjay, the final installment in this fabulous series.

Last Tuesday, the wait was over. Kepler’s served pizza and held a NERF™ archery contest as people stopped by to pick up their books. And it was a lot of fun. People of all ages came early, ate pizza, and stopped to chat while shooting NERF™ arrows at large targets. The prizes were awesome – and the kids (and adults) really wanted those hunger games key chains and tried time and time again to hit the targets to get one. Some just ate pizza clutching their books, some talked of staying up all night to finish it before school, and some just sat in a corner and started to read.

Everyone was eager to start reading, hoping that Mockingjay lives up to their expectations. And everyone was brimming with enthusiasm to see Suzanne Collins on November 3rd when she’s at Kepler’s. But remember that you will need a ticket to get into the signing line and you get a ticket by buying your copy of Mockingjay at Kepler’s. And they are already at District 11!

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Heidi R. Kling said...

That picture is almost worth the Yoga-'Jay hospitalization, she says wryly. ;-)