Monday, January 11, 2010

Need and Captivate and Hearts at Stake - Oh My!

Because of the upcoming meet and greet with Carrie Jones and Alyx Harvey on February 12 - you are coming aren't you? - I want to post their book trailers.



Hearts at Stake:

SO - how do you feel about the music behind these trailers? Do they work? What would you have picked if asked?


Debbie's World of Books said...

I can't wait to read Hearts at Stake! I just requested it from my library but they are still processing the copies :(

I will have to see if I can make it over the bridge that day & hope to have read it by then.

Bookgeek said...

Hope to see you there. Stay the evening and get to see 3 fantastic authors in one evening. I loved Need and Captivate. And the Vladimir Tod series, of course. Hearts at Stake is at the very top of my TBR pile...soon, oh soon