Monday, December 14, 2009

Cheryl Renee Herbsman and C. Lee McKenzie

I was lucky enough to host a teen writers workshop last week and asked the five authors to describe their books for me so I could post them here. The workshop was good -- really insightful I thought - and all five authors were delightful, witty, with fascinating stories on how they got to being published. I would thoroughly recommend these workshops if you get a chance to attend one, and of course I've added all of their books to my TBR pile (oh that pile is huge!)

So here's Cheryl Renee Herbsman talking about her novel, Breathing:

And here's C. Lee McKenzie talking about her book, Sliding on the Edge:

I'll post the video book talks of Sarah Quigley, Lauren Bjorkman, and Jon Yang tomorrow. And we have signed copies all five title so if you'd like one, or think it would make that perfect gift for someone on your list, click here to order a copy!

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