Friday, December 11, 2009

Elsewhere by Will Shetterly - Review

I know this is an older title but I just had to post my colleague Shannon's wonderful review of Elsewhere by Will Shetterly (yet another to add to my ever-growing TBR pile!).

Faerie has returned. But this time its run smack into a human city and created Bordertown, a dangerous and gritty world where magic, drugs, gangs, humans, halfies, and elves run wild on the streets. Ron has runaway to find his brother Tony but instead he finds Castle Pup an old building where a community of humans, elves, and half-breeds squat and live in a delicious tumult of electric colored hair, leather, spelled motorcycles, and great music. Will Ron ever be able to find his brother and survive Bordertown where beneath the thrill a dark undertow of violence and dark magic churn?

I loved this book. I think I borrowed it at least 10 times from our library. It was so full of the rebellion and danger that was just not part of my happy suburban adolescence. The characters completely charmed me. They were wild, brazen, street wise, and I mean, what beats a statuesque, leather clad elf riding a motorcycle?

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