Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teaser Tuesday: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can join. Here are the rules
(1) Grab your current read
(2) Open to a random page
(3) Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
(4) BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!
(5) Share the title & author, too, so that other other participants can add the book to their TBR lists if they like your teasers!

And this week I'm reading the very awesome, much awaited and pined for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games was one of my very favorite reads of last year and, as you can imagine, I was thrilled - really thrilled to get my hands on this title. Yes, it's been very hard to find a teaser that includes no spoilers! And yes, this is longer than two sentences (and I took out potential spoilers!)

When I hear the scream of the crowd, I think it's because I must look stunning. Then I notice something is rising up around me. Smoke. From fire. Not the flickery stuff I wore last year in the chariot, but something much more real that devours my dress I begin to panic as the smoke thickens. Charred bits of black silk swirl into the air, and pearls clatter to the stage. Somehow I'm afraid to stop because my flesh doesn't seem to be burning...Then all at once, the fire is gone. I slowly come to a stop, wondering if I'm naked. But I'm not naked...I'm clothed in black except for the white patches on my sleeve. or should I say my wings. Cinna has turned me into a mockingjay.

I'll review this book later this week but all I want to say now is that if you're worried that catching Fire can't possibly live up to all the hype, don't worry. It's fantastic. And will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout.


Anonymous said...

Aack! Dying of envy seeing all these mentions of Catching Fire. Feel like loaning it out? :) LOL. Great teaser sentences.

Bookgeek said...

Debbie: there is a long, long line of people wanting to read this book in the store alone. But I'm happy to add you to the list!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was kidding but that would be great! My contact is dasuzuki at yahoo dot com. Would also make a great reason to go back to Kepler's :) My husband dreads when I go to a bookstore wondering how many books I'll bring home. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I got all excited just by the thought I forgot to add thank you!

Ravenous Reader said...

Angela, that was one of my favorite lines in the book. I still get shivers when I think of that moment. I can close my eyes and imagine it. I want to re-read it all over again.

I hoped that Suzanne would tour and stop by Keplers???? *fingers crossed*

Bookgeek said...

Yes, it was such a magnificent moment. What an imagination she has.
I haven't heard that she's touring sadly but I would so love to talk to her about this. I can't tell you how quickly I read this and how much I loved it. And I really admired the ending.
And even though we haven't heard about Suzanne Collins, I do know that Scott Westerfeld is coming, Eoin Colfer (for the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy book he's writing, and I think maybe Maggie Stiefvater (whose books I adore).

Mallory said...

Hi, would you feel like loaning it to me??? that's fine if not. here's my e-mail.

eileen said...

omg, i love love love the hunger games, i want to read catching fire even mo0re, i am dying of envy that all these advance copies are out, i want to read this book so badly, theres a rumour peeta and gale are facing off for katniss.

i thought she had feelings for both of them

but now, it seems like she is being forced to be with peeta

please lets this not be like a bella jacob edward trilogy, i am really just to hate that series

omg if you feel like loaning out the copy

heres my email rockzarepink@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

OMG! can someone please loan this to me! im going away to my cottage and i wont be around to get when it comes out! please!!!!! dancingchick_999@live.ca