Thursday, December 11, 2008

Neil Gaiman Gravestone Winners

Finally, here are the lucky winners of the gravestones signed by Neil Gaiman.

Drum roll

Out of the hat (beret) came these names:

1. Evelyn (disillusionedcupotea)
2. Lauren (Shooting stars mag)
3. Jeff (see photo)

And I gave one to Rina Weisman to auction for the Variety Children's Charity.

Congratulations all. I shall write and let you all know and place them at will call for you by Friday.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, yay!!! Thanks, I just emailed you back.


Bookgeek said...

Rina and Jeff have already picked their gravestones up. Evelyn, yours is at will call and Lauren, I'll put yours in the mail on Tuesday, when I'm next in the store. Remember to send me photos with your gravestone for my bookblast! Thanks.

Rina Weisman said...

Angela - just came across this, and it means it's another opp for me to say thanks, on behalf of the charity. We've set our auction for spring, and are gathering items even now! Thanks again!!!