Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sneak Peak at Our Christopher Paolini Interview

Antonia got to interview Christopher Paolini when he was in the Bay Area. Yes, she did ask him how old he is (24, and, this November, 25). Here's a sneak peak of Christopher talking about the problems young writers encounter:

"Well one of the biggest problems for me when I started, the biggest psychological barrier I had, was that I just didn’t know of anyone my own age who had done what I was trying to do. So in some ways I was thinking well, maybe it’s impossible, maybe there’s a reason no other young person has done what I was trying to do. After the fact, of course, I learned that there have been plenty of other young authors, I just didn’t know about them. For example, the author of The Red Badge of Courage was 18 or 19 when he wrote that book. Steven King started The Dark Tower series when he was 19, I think, so there were a lot of talented young writers in that age range. I do think the biggest difficulty young writers have is not having someone who can mentor them, or who can edit their work and help them really develop as a writer. That’s something they end up having to do on their own, which takes another 10, 15 years. Also, they don’t know anyone who would allow them to get the attention their work deserves, someone in marketing or publishing or someone to tell them something as simple as how to format the manuscript properly or how to send it out properly, or even how to write submission letters to the publishers and the agents. That can be difficult stuff to do when you’re 15 or 16 or 17. You maybe don’t know how to navigate the adult world yet, and that’s where family can be very important."

What would you most like to ask him?


DarlingDiva said...

Being as young as he was when he began with Aragon, What was his inspiration? Where did he go for research? How much would he write while going to school? Did he have a proof reader and how much would that person influence his story?

Wow!! that was alot of questions, but those are the type of things that I always think about


I resent Christopher Paolini a bit for being so young and so extremely talented. But in the end, literary power triumphs and I have no choice but to love the books.
I heard a rumour that there will be another book after Brisngr...truth of fiction? I am curious to know.
And no vowel between the g and r. -twitch-

DarlingDiva said...

Ahhh I never noticed the lack of a vowel between g and r? Hmmm.... -twich- indeed

Bookgeek said...

I also heard that there was to be a fourth in the series. Guess it's hard to let go of a series you've been writing for so long.

"Christopher Paolini, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eragon and Eldest...will write an additional, fourth novel about his hero Eragon, it was announced today by Nancy Hinkel, Publishing Director of Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers. Originally planned as a trilogy, Inheritance will now include four complete novels written by Paolini and be named the Inheritance cycle.
Paolini’s fans are able to see him talking about the fourth book in a video message on his Web site, www.alagaesia.com

weasley@heart said...

Yes, I read that article as well. When I went to reserve my copy of Brisingr a few months back, there was an author interview with him on Amazon (I know, I know, but we were out of town and I needed to know what happened ASAP). He said there was just too much plot to include in one novel, so he's dividing it between two.