Thursday, October 23, 2008

John Green Reads Paper Towns Prologue

I couldn't resist. I had to post this clip of John Green reading the prologue from Paper Towns. Hope he's this funny when he visits next week. Do you have a favorite chapter you hope he reads on his visit?


DarlingDiva said...

I have just begun to read this book, so far I am loving it. Hopefully I will have it finished by Tuesday and will have a favorite chapter request before the event

Bookgeek said...

Glad you're enjoying it. I did. Am currently working on interview questions for wednesday--I have so many! Anything you want me to add? By the way, John is bringing a musical guest with him--Abby Simons. Can't wait!

DarlingDiva said...

Hello, I have just finished reading it. I loved it. I laughed till I cried at some parts and the ending had me reaching for some tissue. Amazing. It does raise the question. How much do we really know someone?

I would like to know if he had an inspirational MRS? Was she fact or fiction in his world? Why? did he pick that name and did he purposedly select those alphabet letters to spell the anagram MRS?
Has he visited other paper towns then the ones mentioned in his epilogue?

Where does he see Margo and Q in the future? Together? Apart? I am glad that he ended the book at that crucial point, always leaving me to my HEA type of imagination.