Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tamora Pierce

I have long been a fan of Tamora Pierce's work. All those strong kick-ass heroines. Lots of action. Beautifully written. And so was absolutely delighted to host her at Kepler's for her newest book Mastiff (and have an excuse to turn back to reread the series). And she really is an amazing speaker, as you'd expect. Full os news and enthusiasm. 175 packed the store - they drove from far and wide - some arrived as early as 4 o'clock for a 7 o'clock event!

We had asked a bunch of local students to form an honor guard, to come and meet with Tammy early, ask a few questions, get their books signed, and escort her in. See photo. Very impressive as they walked in. And such fun.

She has an interesting way to start out (I won't give it away but it is, shall we say, unusual)...there were so many questions, we did have to cut them off to make sure everyone could get their books signed. People brought piles of books. All wanted photos. And Tammy had a kind word and time for everyone. Review of Mastiff soon - promise.


Amy said...

That's so great! She is such an awesome writer. If ever I get the change, I would totally try to take all the books I have of her for her to sign. And I believe I have them all! I got my copy of Mastiff on Saturday and was pleased to see it's quite huge. I can't wait to start reading it!

Bookgeek said...

You will love it. I got totally caught up in the world as I read it. She really is a legend.