Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Moon Motorcycle Scene

I was talking to the very lovely Nancy, the Ravenous Reader, who told me to take a look at video a fan took at Comic-Con of the new sneak peak of New Moon in which you can hear the very enthusiastic fans commenting.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the "teen vampire sequel didn't disappoint the cultish crowd, many of whose members camped out overnight for a scream-filled (not for scares, but for star Robert Pattinson) presentation in Hall H."

Director Chris Weitz was asked about the posting of fan reactions to the trailer on Youtube. Variety reported that he said "he's considering a 'reaction video to the fan reaction video.'"

Here's the video

When Jacob touches Bella's hands as he teaches her how to ride her motorcycle: the fan says, "Sensual." Edward touches Bella's hand trying to stop her from riding the motorcycle: you hear screams. And when Edward reappears as Bella rides that motorcycle: the fan says, "This is gonna be awesome." Etc.

Be honest, did it make you want to scream?


B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Did it make me want to scream in a good way? YES! It's a little different from the book but I'm still really excited. I am pretty upset about Eclipse though... Victoria being re-cast... ugh.


weasley@heart said...

I'm so so glad they kept Taylor Lautner as Jacob, but I have a feeling Bella's neediness will get on my nerves! Has everyone seen the Italy clip they also released at comic-con?

Anonymous said...

Both clips are awesome. Can't wait for the movie, even if I didn't scream

Natalie said...

Can't wait!! I can't believe they were considering re-casting Taylor Lautner, I think he'll do an awesome job.

Rachel said...

No! It looks good but I wouldn't scream. What about Edward's painted on abs? Don't kill me. I'll probably start getting threat letters like that guy who was making fun of the Jonas Brothers. I'm sorry everyone. I take it back. *Runs Away*