Saturday, February 21, 2009

Waterstone's Children's Book Prize

Congratulations too to Michelle Harrison who has just been awarded the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize in the U.K. for The Thirteen Treasures (Simon & Schuster), the story of a girl who can see fairies, and who tries to solve a mystery that has haunted her family for generations. 13-year-old Tanya has been sent to her grandmother's house for the summer. There she teams up with the caretaker's son, Fabian, and they decide to discover the truth about a girl who vanished in some nearby woods 50 years previously. Tanya meanwhile is harassed by the fairies she can see and hear.

Little, Brown won't publish the book in the U.S. until spring 2010 so yet another title to add to my waiting for pile. If only I had known to look for it a month ago when I was in the UK...

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Ravenous Reader said...

This book sounds amazing. Yes, another book to add to my fantastic pile of books :)